The Michigan Child ID Program
provides parents and guardians with a "completed" Child ID Package that contains all the vital information necessary to expedite law enforcement efforts to locate a missing child. The program also helps to educate families about abduction prevention and safety.

Schedule the Michigan Child Identification Program at your upcoming event today. The entire program is provided free of charge as a courtesy of the Michigan Masons. Video link.

To schedule the program at your event you must follow the scheduling requirements provided below:
  1. Require eight weeks notice prior to the date desired
  2. All events must be requested, confirmed and scheduled through the state director by calling (269)612-7424
  3. All events must be facilitated by a Masonic Lodge
  4. Once an event is scheduled in a particular region, we will not schedule another event in that region on that day

Event Numbers for 2016
Scheduled Events: 141   Events Held: 136   Identified: 6400   As of: Oct 11, 2016

Event Numbers for 2015
Scheduled Events: 124   Events Held: 124   Identified: 6061   As of: Dec 07, 2015

Event Numbers for 2014
Scheduled Events: 154   Events Held: 154   Identified: 7352   As of: Nov 17, 2014

Event Numbers for 2013
Scheduled Events: 163   Events Held: 163   Identified: 8803   As of: Dec 31, 2013

Event Numbers for 2012
Scheduled Events: 177   Events Held: 177   Identified: 10786   As of: Dec 31, 2012

Event Numbers for 2011
Scheduled Events: 172   Events Held: 172   Identified: 12487   As of: Dec 27, 2011

Event Numbers for 2010
Scheduled Events: 197   Events Held: 197   Identified: 15916   As of: Dec 21, 2010

Event Numbers for 2009
Scheduled Events: 172   Events Held: 172   Identified: 14102   As of: Dec 23, 2009

Partnership with the
Michigan Community Child Watch

Partnership with the
Michigan Sheriffs' Association

Partnership with
Michigan Eversight

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